Thursday, June 9, 2011

the last year.

Colt turned one year old today.

While there are so many things that we document, like when they say their first word and sit and crawl...there are so many other things he does that I just don't want to forget.

Like when he sits and crosses his little feet. Or when he wakes up and immediately starts reaching for the fan and just about everything else in the room. When he eats...he waits for me to look before throwing that piece of chicken on the floor - sometimes he fakes me out and makes me think he's gonna pitch it only to return it to his mouth to swallow it whole. There are times when he's in his car seat that he throws his binky down and playfully reaches for his toes and pulls them into his mouth. Sometimes he looks at me like an adult would. Sometimes I call his name ten times before I get a head turn. He can "moo", motion "so big" and show you where his head is, shake shake shake and give you a head tilt on command (mostly). He loves Dino Dan and Blues Clues (classic). When offered a fancy new toy or the REAL remote control, the remote always wins. Being naked always wins.

to be continued.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have lived in the 412 for 11 years. In those 11 years I have had 16 different jobs, 6 different residences and gained many solid friendships. In that time I also found the church of my dreams, the man of my dreams and birthed a son that has exceeded my wildest expectation. I got to sing in and with bands and write music; I got to sing in church with dear friends. I got to watch the kids of my friends grow here. I took the plunge (before dating Bart) and accepted my single-hood by buying a house, getting a tattoo and a cat. I experienced city life, and had an absolute love affair with it. With all of these amazing memories, there is still a part of me that longs to be close to the family that I have been away from for just as long. Even though I was never that far away, I find now, with a baby and the desire to grow our family, that being near family is the desire of mine and my husbands heart.

So, we are moving back home to Johnstown on Dec 3rd. I have always hated the word "bittersweet" because it seems to be the most overused word in many popular songs...but, there is no other way to describe my feeling about this move. I am so excited to be near to my parents and the notion of a simpler life seems very appealing. Conversely, I will miss being minutes from galleries, museums, venues, restaurants and most importantly my friends and my church family. The awesome thing...I am not moving to Dubai (which at one time, was an option for us)...We will only be 1.5 hours away.

So, that's the plan! I am excited to grow my family and friendships back home and strengthen and stay connected with my pittsburgh family as well. So grateful for the past decade of my life. Looking back it seems like such a beautiful, messy, squiggly line that brought me to this point, typing this as I listen to the sound of my sleeping child on the monitor and my husband playing xbox. ha. Thanks God. for everything.

Monday, September 27, 2010

what you've missed..

it's embarrassing that it's been over a year since I have posted anything. I won't go on with excuses as to why I have not written. I just realized that I need to be committed to this for me and my family so that we can have a record of our milestones and growth. so in a nutshell...we married over a year ago and already have a three month old baby boy!
Here are some pictures of our son, Colton Nash Vickroy...

one day old. so tired!

he makes bath time LOTS of fun

right after a nap...bright eyes!

in philly

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

l o v e & m a r r i a g e

It's been one month of marriage already! Things have been fantastic. Bart and I just got the wedding video back from J&M video and they did a great job and covered almost THREE hours of wedding footage if not more.

We have a few wedding snapshots from our photographer which you can see HERE

Our honeymoon was to a wonderful little bed and breakfast in Irvington VA called the Hope and Glory Inn. We rode bikes everywhere, went to the pool and met a fabulous couple at the a nearby resort who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We, ironically, were just at about 50 magical hours of marriage when we met them. We decided to celebrate together later that evening with champagne, cigars and dinner. I will never forget the pinup girl hawaiian pants that Mr. Stack wore that night. They were scandalous and brilliant.

After an a.m.a.z.i.n.g honeymoon, we returned to home to a very stifling hot house. We noticed that our air conditioner was tampered with...the next morning we woke up to find it totally GONE. Our air compressor was ripped right out of the ground it was bolted into via a 10 foot pole. a 5 o'clock news story and a $1000 deductible later, we have an air conditioner it just has not been put in yet. you can read about the story HERE

So, we survived our first major crisis/theft as a married couple!

Our next adventure is taking a trip after the new year to st. lucia or mexico with some friends.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

engagement pictures

although we have been engaged for about 7 months, we waited until a week before the wedding to take 'engagement pictures' here is one of them....we want to thank Jessica Bovard (matron of honor) for taking these!

you can see more pictures on our flickr site

s i x days to go...see you soon.

- stacy

Sunday, July 19, 2009