Tuesday, September 22, 2009

l o v e & m a r r i a g e

It's been one month of marriage already! Things have been fantastic. Bart and I just got the wedding video back from J&M video and they did a great job and covered almost THREE hours of wedding footage if not more.

We have a few wedding snapshots from our photographer which you can see HERE

Our honeymoon was to a wonderful little bed and breakfast in Irvington VA called the Hope and Glory Inn. We rode bikes everywhere, went to the pool and met a fabulous couple at the a nearby resort who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We, ironically, were just at about 50 magical hours of marriage when we met them. We decided to celebrate together later that evening with champagne, cigars and dinner. I will never forget the pinup girl hawaiian pants that Mr. Stack wore that night. They were scandalous and brilliant.

After an a.m.a.z.i.n.g honeymoon, we returned to home to a very stifling hot house. We noticed that our air conditioner was tampered with...the next morning we woke up to find it totally GONE. Our air compressor was ripped right out of the ground it was bolted into via a 10 foot pole. a 5 o'clock news story and a $1000 deductible later, we have an air conditioner it just has not been put in yet. you can read about the story HERE

So, we survived our first major crisis/theft as a married couple!

Our next adventure is taking a trip after the new year to st. lucia or mexico with some friends.


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