Thursday, June 9, 2011

the last year.

Colt turned one year old today.

While there are so many things that we document, like when they say their first word and sit and crawl...there are so many other things he does that I just don't want to forget.

Like when he sits and crosses his little feet. Or when he wakes up and immediately starts reaching for the fan and just about everything else in the room. When he eats...he waits for me to look before throwing that piece of chicken on the floor - sometimes he fakes me out and makes me think he's gonna pitch it only to return it to his mouth to swallow it whole. There are times when he's in his car seat that he throws his binky down and playfully reaches for his toes and pulls them into his mouth. Sometimes he looks at me like an adult would. Sometimes I call his name ten times before I get a head turn. He can "moo", motion "so big" and show you where his head is, shake shake shake and give you a head tilt on command (mostly). He loves Dino Dan and Blues Clues (classic). When offered a fancy new toy or the REAL remote control, the remote always wins. Being naked always wins.

to be continued.

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