Sunday, January 18, 2009

so, save this date.

we are really excited to announce our engagement!

Saturday, Aug 15th 2009!

for those that may not know our little story...

Bart and i have known each other just about all of our lives. Yet, we had only been dating for about five months when got engaged. We started dating after hanging out a lot together at the beach, where each of us went with our families this past summer on vacation. Five months later he is telling me he bought something really cool for me at a turnpike gift shop after listening to my complaints of a really crummy day i had been having. When i got home i saw a silver gift bag sitting on the table. Bart couldn't contain his excitement about this gift he bought me which of course i thought was some type of kitchen magnet or a keychain that said "donegal" on it or something.

of course i was wrong.

he took a knee after i saw there was nothing in the bag and then he lovingly proposed.

tears. dropped jaw. crying. laughing. fast heartbeat. all of these things ensued following his proposal. one thing that bart has in common with my family is his excellence in surprising me. i accepted and i don't think i felt my feet hit the floor for the rest of the night. the whole thing left me feeling weightless. which is a pretty amazing feeling.

bart and i continue to learn more about each other every day and we are surrounded with great friends and family that are helping us with the process of planning our celebration and ceremony.

so, save this date and know that aug 15th is a saturday and not a friday!! - we fixed our postcard since this was posted!


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